20 April 2009

rOmAn HoLiDaY!

After months of eating Polish pizza, with ketchup... I figured it was time to hook myself with something better....like Italian pizza....

Easter=Spring Break= Rome

(There is not many captions...but honestly- you shouldn't need them)

the flight...

---When in Rome...do you do what the Romans do?

hehe, mcdonalds!

vatican city

this is a creepy guy on the street trying to earn some cash...


"Yahtzee" and I waiting for the metro in front of the Colosseum so I could find my
way back to Poland..

goodbye italy


Gypsy said...

love the lip ring and todays my birthday!!! ttys girl...laters D

mike-schwartz said...

id like to know what i am looking at. we need a caption to tell us what the pictures are

bs said...

ok ok...but only because i love u.