07 May 2009

Ive already been to the Ukraine, I was there for like 5 minutes and was like, let's get out of here!

Well, after a long drawn out process of advisers,mentors, and others in charge beating around the bush... we were forced to hop borders out of the country and come back. So I first want to thank all of the people in charge of my program for avoiding us and not telling us what we had to do before hand. One thing I love about this place, is that the man in charge of foreign exchange students refuses to help a person do anything and pretty much hides from anyone he is "responsible" for, referring them to a student for help, and normally these students don't speak English.

But anyways, we figured out on our own. And the Polish Embassy informed us that we should leave the European Union and come back, this will allow us to be here legally. So we needed to go the Ukraine, take pictures and come back home...

I was there for a mere two days, in those two days it was quite eventful.
-Peeing in holes in the ground
-seeing a girl pee her pants, that was funny
-watching two Ukrainian hookers beat each other up and literally tearing down a bar
-we slept on old ladder benches in the freezing bus stop
-took a 'roller coaster' ride with a crazy taxi driver
-was on a bus that smuggled meat across the border
-took another bus that smuggled cigarettes to Poland
-went to Ukrainian McDonalds
-can't forget being harassed and threatened by old man in Ukrainian

Lesson Learned....Never go to the Ukraine, Never, Never, Never...

I want to thank everyone who made this trip necessary, it means a lot.

running to the bus to the Ukraine, we made it.

we realized it was a long long wait while everything was searched...

the border

pawel and I setting at the border...bored still

still, smiling cuz we hadn't been on the bus that long

pawel and i, on the bus wayyy too long

almost there...

fancy fountain in downtown Lviv

Ukrainian McDonalds!

This is the sign that told us when the bus's leave and arrive...it is in Ukrainian

this is where we stayed the night, apparently this is the Ukrainian lobby at te bus station...

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Gypsy said...

awesome girl...glad ya having a big adventure over there ttys laters D