14 March 2011


After returning to Poland, I think that I truly understand Polish people now. It is like, they are soo complicated. I remember the day that I decided and knew that I wanted to stay here. Had to figure out why people were soo messed up in this culture. I really think I got it now, and I am quite proud of myself for figuring it out. This is the country of backwards doorknobs and odd mannerisms, but it is my country of all the quirks. I think people here can be some of the nicest and most open people in the world.
That means a lot since I am not really in the middle of Poland, but rather close to Ukraine. Too close for comfort :) But I think that this is what makes Lubliners so much different from other Poles. Being a college city and being a place where all the village people run to... Lublin is a great diverse place full of people that are scared, fresh off the farm and ready to live life.Maybe that explains why the girls are so...

but anyhoo, there will be more on that later. Sorry for not posting...but you kind of have to be in Poland to be posting about Poland.
But I should say that my life has done a complete 180 since I posted my first blog post to bsinpoland...I am happy with this. But within the next year it will be time to put all the options in a hat and draw again :)

There is soo much to say, so much to catch up on...but nowhere to start. ugh :)

There are new exchange students. They are fabulous. Full of surprises and really make me realize the difference in culture. I like it. Reality shock for sure.

I have been to so many countries and done so many things since I have been here, I was starting to think that this was "normal"... boy was I wrong :)

my photo uploader isnt working, so that will just have to wait. but anyways- til next time, cheerio!

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