14 March 2011

So Many Many Questions ...

How can a foreigner get into Poland?

You can get into Poland if you have:

1-a valid travel document(passport)

2-a valid visa or other document (permit for school or work)
You must have these if you are coming to Poland for school, employment or another activity where oyu gain something.

Many citizens (Americans) are allowed to enter Poland for 90 days upon entry without a visa and just with your passport.

Types of Visas:

1-Category uniform short stay visa (from Schengen) and entitles the visa holder to have continuous visits to Poland and/or Schengen, but this can not exceed three months in any half year from the date of entry into the country or into Schengen.

2-Category D national visa entitles the visa holder to enter and remain in Poland or several entries and stays of more than three months but less than one year during the visa's validity.

Getting a Visa!

You must submit an application to a consul.
The application cost 60 Euros and does not get refunded if you are denied a visa.
In the application you need:
visa photographs that are left profile.
Documents confirming the nature of the trip
proof of insurance that agrees to cover Schengen medical care
proof of payment of the application

But for most of you, you are looking for a residency permit in Poland.

In order to do this there are a few situations:

1-You must obtain an employment permit or a written form of intent from the employer to hire you if you don't need a work permit.

2-Running a business that is registered in Poland, which is beneficial to the Polish economy (this is extremely difficult and almost impossible to get residency with)

3-Marriage to a Polish citizen

4-Presence or stay in Poland is needed for the purpose of studying at a University

Legalizing a stay in Poland for work-related purposes...
You first have to find someone who will hire you, they will need to fill out a work permit and get that filed for you. This is their job.

What documents are needed for a work permit from the foreigner?

1-application for an employment permit for a foreign national- you should do this with your boss.

2-a photocopy of the relevant foreign nationals travel document (copy your personal pages from the passport)

3-Photocopies of documents confirming that the foreign national meets requirements to perform a given profession or position (usually only needed if your a dr or something)

Everything else will be up to your employer-many employers don’t want to hire legally and will bullshit this process. If this is the case, find a new job.

if you don't leave you will be forced to turn in the application and leave the country until there is a decision.

1- Four copies of the residency permit for a set period of time. You can get this at www.mazowieckie.pl
if you do not fill it out in Polish, they will send it back and mark it incomplete.

2- our color photos that are 4.5 by 3.5 cm, this photos must show the left half profile with the left ear visible and they say if you submit five the process could be faster.

3-Two photocopies of your entire passport (and you must show the original as well at the office)

4-Proof of payment of the application, this is 340 zlotych (you do this by going to the post office and filling out an oplaty and paying there, submitting the receipt with the application)

5-Proof of temporary residency (this is the paper you get at the registration office that says your address is registered)

6-The contract or title of the address that you are living at (this must be a place you pay to stay)

7-The employment permit that was done by your boss (if you are working at a public school then you do not need this permit, only the contract)

8-The work contract from your employer

9-Tax forms (PIT 37 or 40) if you have lived in Poland previously...if your not renewing the application it isn't necessary.

10-Proof that you have good standing from the local Treasury Office (or tax office)-this is complicated to figure out and is almost impossible without a Polish person helping you .
Usually they want you to fill out a different document first that gives you a NIP number
(tax identification number) These forms are available at www.mf.gov.pl
If I remember correctly it is free to get this NIP and it will come in the mail, let me remind you that you have to have your address registered to get fill out this paper. (The proof that you have good standing costs 20-25 zlotych)

11-Proof of health insurance (usually you get this with any work contract, if not then there is a ZUS building in Lublin behind KFC (: )

12- Proof of house costs (this could be bills for electric and so on. These are needed because you must make 477 zlotych over the cost of your housing, each dependent you have is an additional 351 zlotych)

Breaking down the process a bit more....

Within the first 4 days of arriving in Poland every foreigner needs to register their address. This is called a Zameldowanie/meldunek... you must go to the registration in the gmina or city office.

In order to do this you must have:


2-travel document (visa or travel permit)

3-the owner of where your staying must have their I.D.

4-They also need the original document that says that they own the premises.
The form you have to fill out when you get there can be printed from:

They register you up to the ninety days and when you get your permit to stay you will do this process over again. But keep in mind that your house contract must be as long as you want your residency permit to be.

Once you get your permit then you need to go back to the office where you applied and get a Karta Pobytu (Resident for Alien Cards)

You need:

50 zlotych proof of payment
Residency Permit
The renewed residency registration from the city office that shows the same amount of time as your Residency Permit
---If you are in Lublin you usually turn this in at room 51 or 50----

If you have more questions on any other ways or anything else let me know :)

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