10 March 2009

Polish people...oh my!

Due to a high amount of request, I have uploaded pictures of my friends and I...
Many people have been curious to see what Polish people(polish men) look like,
conclusion: theres no difference between looks of Americans and Polish people-
well, Polish people might shower more often , lol.....
here you go, hope ur happy

spider and michael talking about star wars

nat and i

me and pawel working on home work

greg and 'bro'

me and lucas acting like children(since were the youngest)

me and greg outside of the political science building -umcs

me and pawel

sebastian, me, matty, and mijo....sorry grandma =)

me n marcin


Nick Piekarz said...

Lol, Im Polish! ive just never been to Poland

bs said...

I'm under the impression that there's many Polish people in Canada....strange.

Gypsy said...

cool hun looks like your having a awsome time laters Derrick

bs said...
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bs said...

hows pulaski my love?

Gypsy said...

its okay hun and sorry 4 not getting back 2 ya on this...lol...ttys D